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What is La Senda?
Bonjour is a one page website created to practice my skills as a web developer and designer! The goal was to create a simple and interactive web page that was built solely off of HTML and CSS with no funny business.
Who am I?
Certainly, this is just the beginning! After I hone my skills a bit more, I would love to come back and integrate some JavaScript and replace all the CSS with some Sass and maybe even incorporate some parallax sliders...let’s not get ahead of selves though. For now it remains a one page website, but who knows maybe later we can flesh it out into something even more!
Tel Aviv
Founded in 1772
Welcome to Tel Aviv,
Imagine yourself sitting in a park on the Seattle waterfront, a latte and a marionberry scone close at hand. The snowy peaks of the Olympic Mountains shimmer on the far side of Puget Sound, while ferryboats come and go across Elliott Bay. It's a sunny summer day, not a cloud in the sky. It just doesn't get much better than this, unless maybe you take in a 9:30pm summer sunset from the Space Needle or the Olympic Sculpture Park and then head to a brewpub. No wonder people love this town.
Founded in 1200 B.C.
The Holy Capital, Jerusalem
San Francisco's reputation as a rollicking city where almost anything goes dates back to the boom-or-bust days of the California gold rush. It's always been this way: This city is so beautiful, exciting, diverse, and cosmopolitan that you can always find something new to see and do no matter if it's your first or fiftieth visit. Oh, and bring a warm jacket: Bob Hope once remarked that San Francisco is the city of four seasons -- every day.
Southern Israel
Lowest place on Earth
The Lowest Place on Earth, Dead Sea
Manhattan is so well known that even the names of its streets have become iconic and understood the world over. This long, thin island is only one ofNew York City's five boroughs, but it's Manhattan that has the concrete canyons and the inimitable skyline; Manhattan that has the world's brightest and most renowned theater district; Manhattan that has Central Park, Rockefeller Center and iconic neighborhoods like Harlem, the Upper East Side, Times Square, and Greenwich Village.
Northern Israel
Founded in 1967
Lush Green Forests, Galilee
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